'Don't Forget Your Music' - never forget your music

If you are an American jazz musician, coming over to the UK, you can probably safely say you've made it when our own musical royalty Dame Cleo Laine and Sir Van Morrison say nice things on film about you.

In <i>Don't Forget Your Music</i>, the new documentary by Alfred George Bailey, Gregory Porter comes across as a thoroughly good egg. What's more, he's clearly an accomplished musician. He can inform and inspire members of his band to give his songs the right feel, if he can't actually do it himself. He makes no attempt to drum, play bass or piano on film but he doesn't need to.

The documentary shows something of the creative process Porter goes through and the studio moments give a real insight into his musicianship. This man knows his stuff.

So, when Cleo Laine says "You're a young cat. I'm an old cat." and Van Morrison is a little lost for words when describing you, take it as a compliment. These people know their jazz.