Seven years' bad luck?

I broke a mirror last week. I don't believe for one minute it'll result in seven years of bad luck.

I'm definitely a 'glass half-full' kind of person and also that luck isn't really a thing - your attitude to what life throws at you is the key.

So, this morning, I awoke early and got ready for a conference call at 8am. Notes ready, mug of green tea ready in case it turned into a long one. Never happened. I just listened to ten minutes of muzak.

Then the major project I was expecting to work on for the rest of the day was postponed.

I can either whinge and moan and feel sorry that the landscape of my day has changed, or just get on with it. Use the time to clear the decks of other projects.

It's a done deal. New To Do list created. Half of it ticked off already. So no, I don't believe I caused a run of bad luck.