Nine reasons to use a writer

Interesting new clients with revealing reasons for using me. In most cases, an existing website they know doesn't say what it should: or a blog they've started but can't commit to writing regularly: or text written by someone who knows the business but can't get the tone right (let alone spelling, grammar and punctuation).

Which is where I come in.

All I do - day in, day out - is interview people and write stories. The skill lies in asking the right questions and then writing the answers in an appealing and interesting way. Oh, and with correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.

In essence, there are nine things I offer as a writer:

1. Objectivity - detached from your business or from the story, I can see the big picture and don't get caught up in the background or the minutiae.

2. Accuracy - because it does matter if apostrophes are in the wrong place!

3. Time - you're doing whatever it is you do and spending time writing about it never seems important enough.

4. Experience - because this is all I do, I've seen it all before and can offer a perspective that understands your industry or your audience.

5. Expertise - I'm not a writer some of the time. I'm a writer all the time.

6. Understanding - your target audience is something I will have come across with a different client.

7. Consistency - there's something in my eye that can spot inconsistencies across thousands of words and that means there won't be errors of content and design that bother your reader.

8. Speed - I can almost certainly write accurately more quickly than you can, without the distractions you have from things you'd rather be doing.

9. Sanity - sometimes, you need a critical friend who will point out the flaws in your business, be they ever so tiny.

Convinced? If you are, leave a comment. If not, leave a comment.