Starting over? Really? How is that going to happen?

I read this article about the possibilty of a new relationship and it made me realise that I'm ready, but there just aren't any single men out there. I've met some REALLY nice men in the last few months. One or two even took my breath away, but they're all married. Happily married. Which, by the way, is a complete no-no for me.

Other people have different values I know, and several people have suggested that I should consider men who are looking out for something even though they're married.

Well, I just can't do it. I need to be know that someone can pick up the phone and talk to me, or email me, or meet me, without looking over their shoulder or deleting my number. I need to know that no woman will be hurt in the making of my new relationship.

There must be something seriously wrong with me (answers on a postcard, please), because I simply don't meet nice, single men of the right sort of age. I've met a couple of nice single men in their early 20s, but I think that's pushing it. Their Dads might get jealous.