Good comedy on Good Friday

This evening, I spent a very pleasant few hours at Woodside Hall in Hitchin, watching nine comedy acts. They varied in quality but overall it was enjoyable.

It strikes me that there is little difference between comedians and musicians - there are a lot of people out there, giving their all to entertain others and their reward varies in no relation to the effort that they have put in. A couple of the comedians tonight had obviously put in a lot of preparation, but it just didn't flow. They were good, but not great. The same is often true of bands and solo performers - they'll just never be great.

That shouldn't stop anyone from doing it, whether telling jokes or playing songs. I know I'm not a great sax player, but I can be entertaining and sometimes that's what people want.

It was an interesting exercise, in any case, as I was researching a new blog for The Best of Hitchin and writing about comedy is not something I've ever done. All good, new experiences.