A business plan? A moveable feast.

It is most interesting to see that my two most read blog pages recently are the ones I wrote in August about my business plan.

Truth be known, my business plan is just a dim and distant memory now. What I am actually doing is a life-time away from what I planned - and I'm loving it.

The things I'm writing and the way I'm working are beyond what I had imagined back in August and I consider myself fortunate. Probably, I would not have been open to opportunities if I hadn't sat down and considered what they might be. Even though I clearly got it 'wrong' at that point.

I genuinely enjoy working with all my clients, despite the fact that I am also on the look-out for new ones. It is coming up for nine months since I became self-employed once more and, as long as I continue delivering what I promise, long may it continue.