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Michael Shapiro - an operatic 'Frankenstein'?

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250 episode downloads - time for a celebration!

William Susman and I chat with Californian birds in the background

 It was a delight to interview composer William Susman for my podcast Harmonious World. It was only when I was editing that I heard the joyous sounds of birdsong behind his voice (and my dog occasionally behind my own).    Take a listen and subscribe to catch more episodes as they're released - I have some great guests booked.

Neo-classical pianist Chad Lawson joins me for a chat

 I have always been a sucker for a piano and when I interviewed Chad Lawson for Harmonious World, he was sat at a beautiful grand.    It was such an honour to chat with him. Give it a listen if you can.

Thirty years passes in a heartbeat

I interviewed my old friend Toby Jepson for episode 14 of Harmonious World.    It was such a joy to chat with him, about music, lockdown, the music business and life in general.

Jazz Is (not) dead

The latest release from Roy Ayers proves that Jazz is not dead, despite it being released on the Jazz is Dead label.    You can read my review on Kind of Jazz here.

2020 in three words: unprecedented, pandemic and inept

I don't usually write political blogs, but the ineptitude of the UK government through the unprecedented times of the Covid-19 pandemic is becoming more bizarre.    Out of interest, I looked at UK media to see when the UK began talking about Coronavirus and it turns out that on 24 January 2020, the UK government first created a web page to publish the case statistics for the disease. On 29 January, the first two cases were recorded in York, after two Chinese nationals fell ill, and the first flight returned British nationals from Wuhan. The following day, the World Health Organisation declared a global health emergency.    Conspiracy theorists might question the media attention around the announcement of the famously-private Boris Johnson's engagement on 31 January. Meanwhile, who knows what is happening with Brexit? What never seemed a great idea for many of us now seems simply wrong, when we should all be pulling together in our attempts to protect each other from Covid-19. …