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2020 in three words: unprecedented, pandemic and inept

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Harmonious World - the first three months

 I have interviewed some amazing people for the first 13 episodes of my podcast, Harmonious World.    Have you listened to any of them? Check them out and tell me what you think in a comment or a review.

'Life is the Dancer' review

 I reviewed Rob Luft's 'Life is the Dancer' on Kind of Jazz. It's a beautiful album.    Listen to the album, then read my review and see if you agree.

Grammy-winner Maria Schneider joins me for Harmonious World

One of my favourite albums for 2020 is Maria Schneider's 'Data Lords'. It was an honour to chat with her for Harmonious World.    Schneider has won grammy awards for both jazz and classical recordings and there's an orchestral quality to her writing where she interweaves lines and timbres. Check out the album here.

Chatting with drummer Kenrick Rowe

Episode 12 of Harmonious World features a conversation with drummer Kenrick Rowe.    You'll have heard him with The Specials, PJ Harvey and LOADS of other jazz, rock and reggae bands.

Post-lockdown trip into Europe

 My travel-obsessed parents have been longing to get away from their flat and last week I drove them around France, Belgium and Germany.    All in all, it was a pleasant experience, although exhausting.    The constant taking on and off of sun glasses and face masks was annoying, but both were necessary.

Sharon Isbin joins me for Harmonious World episode 11

Guitarist Sharon Isbin cannot be put in a classification box - she's a little jazz, classical and Spanish, often all at the same time.    Our conversation for Harmonious World was cut short by the pressures on Sharon's schedule, but we could have gone on for hours!