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'Shadow Plays', recorded right before lockdown

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Going back 40 years

My time at university was decidedly eventful and one of my closest friends at the time and through it all was another English student called Alix.     When she married her boyfriend - Kevin - she asked me to play flute at the wedding and I was delighted to do so.     This weekend, I spent once again in Alix and Kevin's company, almost exactly forty years after we first met. The event was their daughter Rebecca's wedding and it was a lovely occasion.     It felt like coming full-circle.     Here we are. I don't think there are any photos of us from 1981, but we have certainly all changed a lot. Still smiling, though.

Jon Gordon 'Stranger Than Fiction'

I was joined by sax player and composer  Jon Gordon  for the latest episode of Harmonious World .     Jon's latest album is  Stranger Than Fiction  - a fabulous collection of tracks that reflect something of Gordon's response to the crises facing us in the world around us. This conversation was a joy and I hope you enjoy listening in.     Thanks to Jon for allowing me to play extracts from  Stranger Than Fiction  alongside our conversation.

'Before I Go'

Award-winning composer and pianist  Matthew Puckett  joins me for this episode of Harmonious World .     Before I Go   is a wonderful soundtrack to a new movie of  the same name . Matthew has worked with director Eric Schaeffer on several of his films and their creative partnership continues with this beautiful soundtrack.     Thanks to Matthew for allowing me to play extracts from  Before I Go  alongside our conversation.

'With Malice Toward None'

This episode of Harmonious World features a conversation with violinist Matthew Detrick, who is also Artistic Director of the  Apollo Chamber Players .     Apollo Chamber Players are a busy group of musicians who are working on a whole series of fascinating musical projects, including the album  With Malice Toward None  which came out in August. We barely scratched the surface in our chat, but I hope it gives a little insight into their creativity and remarkable music.     Thanks to Matthew and Apollo for allowing me to play extracts from  With Malice Toward None  alongside our conversation.

'Bliss' from RIOPY

Another fascinating conversation for Harmonious World , this time with pianist  RIOPY .     This was a great pleasure, to both interview RIOPY and, indeed, listen back to our conversation in editing this episode. His album,  Bliss  is out now and I hope you enjoy listening to the clips I'm including.     Thanks to RIOPY for allowing me to play extracts from  Bliss  alongside our conversation.

'Nostalgic Russia'

  I hope you'll enjoy listening to my conversation with violinist  Hideko Udagawa  for my podcast,  Harmonious World .     Nostalgic Russia  - Hideko's latest album - is out now and features some of the most gorgeous pieces written for violin and piano, and transcriptions of two pieces that were originally written for solo piano. We discuss all this and more and I hope you enjoy listening.     Thanks to Hideko for allowing me to play extracts from  Nostalgic Russia  alongside our conversation.