Sometimes the old steps are the best steps

There's a metaphor here. Or, more likely, several metaphors.

These steps have been hidden for decades  behind a mouldering wall that was demolished last week.

They lead up to what was the old cattle market - long gone in Hitchin's town centre.

The oldest steps sometimes lead nowhere, but sometimes you need to explore them.

My May has been eventful and interesting - new clients and new projects with existing clients. Now the sun is shining, too!

These steps seem to sum up May for me - taking steps doesn't always involve innovation and sometimes experience is what is of the greatest value.

What is interesting is where the steps lead - what does the future hold? Sadly, I suspect the steps will soon be demolished, but perhaps some of the town planners in Hitchin will find a use for them - linking the town centre and Waitrose, albeit via a private car park! Watch this space ...


Dorothy Molloy said…
I want to see those steps! Whereabouts are they exactly?
Hi, Dorothy. If you go up West Alley next to Costa Coffee, they're on the right, just past the wool shop. Just behind the Language Centre on Paynes Park.