Discipline and technique

A truly inspirational day.

So much so that I want to write and write and never stop writing. That's rather the point of The Write Stuff, a collaboration between Jazzwise magazine, Serious and EFG London Jazz Festival. Eight of us are being given the chance to learn more about how to write about jazz.

Those we are learning from are experienced and erudite. After five hours of learning and debate, in which I learned once more that discipline is vital, I spent an hour and a half so far out of my comfort zone that was a mere speck in the distance. That's when I learned about technique from Lauren Kinsella and Kit Downes. Their music is not what I've ever chosen to listen to in the past, but I kept my mind open and found some beauty in the experience. Quite a lot of beauty.

More than anything, that final session taught me about technique. Honing your skills is vital alongside the discipline. So, lots to think about and more to follow tomorrow. I'm also looking forward to more foyer jazz in the breaks - today I heard the gorgeous Kandace Springs, who is as skilled a pianist as she is a vocalist. A nice treat.