The Shires - My Universe'

That second album is always tricky and I was pleased on Friday morning to discover that 'My Universe' from The Shires improves on 2015's 'Brave'.

I wasn't a fan of Country music until I heard 'Brave. My favourite track was always 'Jekyll and Hyde' but the whole album has sat resolutely on my playlist for 18 months.

Now 'My Universe' looks like it'll perhaps take that place in my headphones. Not that I love every track. But how many albums would that be true of?

If anything, the duo of songs in the middle of the album that tell elements of the stories of Ben and Chrissie's pasts works best for me. Even brought a tear to my eye. 'Daddy's Little Girl' and 'Everything You Never Gave' are emotional outpourings that reflect on the past but nevertheless present a positivity for the future.

This is probably an album that improves with the listening - two days of dipping into it so far and I'm not bored. My favourite so far might be 'Not Even Drunk Right Now'. Who knows what it'll be next week?