Carry on PRing

Absolutely Fabulous, the movie, has one of the worst narratives I've ever seen in a film. But what it does have is great characters and some of the funniest writing around today.

The cameos alone prove the greatness of the Ab Fab franchise. Anyone who is anyone clearly beat a path to Jennifer Saunders' door. TV journalists, some 'celebrities', models, actors and fashion designers all put in an appearance. Some so brief you really had to watch closely. Which was hard, what with being doubled-up with laughter most of the time.

I especially loved the Dawn French cameo. Smart woman - she knows that working behind the scenes while her erstwhile screen partner Saunders swaps great lines with Joanna Lumley would produce sheer comedy genius.

The British film industry should continue to work with all the international directors, writers and producers, filming all over the UK. And then our actual British films should just carry on our comedy tradition that originated in Elstree before most of us were born, let alone laughing.

I was quite entranced by the early scenes of Patsy working. Yes, working. She sounded like she knew what she was doing. Very odd. And her time with a moustache was hilarious. Madame Lumley can do no wrong and she heads up a cast which makes the audience forget the dreadful storyline. That's entertainment.