We're not defined by a piece of paper

It's exam results season, which always reminds me that it's really, really not about what any piece of paper says. You're defined by how you treat those around you, even those you just sit next to on the train who don't even know your name.

Good luck to those who get loads of A*s, Firsts and Masters. I hope you end up loving the job they lead you to.

I was never an A grade student. Too many other things going on in my life. The main thing was music. But I wasn't allowed to study at the Royal Academy of Music - I allowed my parents to 'guide' me several times during those career choices but I've ended up doing what I love and that's not down to great exam results.

Once every six months, I receive a royalty payment for music I recorded when I was supposed to be studying. No-one ever asks what grades I got in exams or why I 'only' got a 2:2 at university. But at least once a week, someone mentions in person or online the music I've played.

Every day, I'm fortunate enough to interview people about their job or their interests outside work. Most have a real passion for what drives them. I never ask about that bit of paper. I ask what motivates them and usually that's the only question I need to ask.

They talk and talk. And talk.

They might be great at their job, or fundraising for a charity that's close to their heart, or following a dream like bee keeping or helping the vulnerable around them. Whatever it is, that is their passion and I love being able to celebrate that in what I do. Telling their stories is an honour.