"The best gig I've ever been to" (overheard in the audience)

Despite an annoying delayed start and therefore shorter set, The Brand New Heavies were simply amazing on stage at the end of Rhythms of the World 2015 last night.

I felt a bit jealous that a new generation is discovering and loving the Heavies. A bunch of 17-year-olds behind me were jumping along with those of us who remember the band when they started. Overhearing one of them describe it as the best gig he'd ever been to was actually quite moving.

Dawn Joseph is a spectacular vocalist and I'm fairly sure the backing vocalist was younger than the band.

What I love about ROTW is that closing headliners can be jazz artists (last year, it was Courtney Pine) and they absolutely rocked the main stage. In front of audiences who would probably tell you they don't like jazz.