Have I found my perfect (summer) writing spot?

Now, I've visited Champney's Henlow (or Henlow Grange, as it used to be known) more than a dozen times. Probably more than 20. And yet, I've never found this spot before.

It's a tiny bower near the river running along the edge of the lawn. Actually, let me stop there. If everybody knows where this little piece of heaven is, I'll never have it to myself again.

Although this day was all about relaxation, I couldn't stop a sneaky bit of writing and this was the perfect spot. Close to running water, the ubiquitous pot of green tea at hand and a comfortable chair. What more could I want? A cushion, perhaps, to sit there much longer.

If anyone feels particularly generous, a few Pamper Days at Champney's to keep me sane through the summer would do it.