Not the results you necessarily expect

I did NOT expect Results to make me laugh quite as much as it did.

Nor did I anticipate the pizza-eating, guitar-playing Kevin Corrigan trying to get in shape. Or trying to try. He perfectly embodies the expression 'more money than sense'. A bored rich guy who knows all about Monty Python.

Guy Pearce is so much more than Neighbours and Cobie Smulders definitely more than How I Met Your Mother. Written by Andrew Bujalski, Results combines a witty script with great physical humour.

The relationships between the three main characters are a comedy gift that keeps on giving. It almost feels unscripted and disjointed the way scenes in real life aren't all connected. Only these are connected. Loosely. As Kat leaves her gym kit behind, she becomes a real woman.

The film is out this weekend and you should see it for Smulders acting with a red kettle ball. I have a feeling this could be a great cult movie.

Especially for those who really wanted Ted to end up with Robin.

Oh, and watch to the end, just for some more from the Ministry of Silly Walks.