Who's your latest inspiration?

If you're not finding inspiration, you may not be surrounding yourself with the right people.

I found inspiration recently when I met Michael McGrath. Regardless of the curved balls life has thrown him, he's impossible to ignore. I defy anyone to hear him talk or share a cuppa with him and not come away a better person, with plans to improve as an individual, in business and in life.

I hope we'll be working together on some interesting projects.

One of Michael's passions is his charity, The Muscle Help Foundation. Wasting muscles is precisely that - a waste of muscles. What Michael seems to do is find new muscles. Not necessarily in the same place, but his heart and his brain are doing just fine.

One of the charity's latest projects is Power of 657 - raising funds to deliver 657 life changing experiences for children and young people with muscular dystrophy. My muscles are all working fine so the least I can do is make a donation.

It's a small payment for the inspiration!

If you'd like to get involved, check out Power of 657 or #657Herts

If you want to be inspired, book Michael for an event with your business. He will change you.