When self-doubt leads to self-confidence

Sometimes, you're asked a question that makes you doubt yourself. When it looks as though your own professional processes have failed.

My first response to that is usually to run and hide but I'm learning to actually question myself, address the self-doubt (and perhaps the doubt of others) and come out the other side.

A couple of checks through the process and careful examination now leaves me knowing I did the right thing. I'm the first to hold my hands up if I did something wrong, but I won't do it now otherwise.

I'll still apologise if some part of the process has fallen down and caused embarrassment, but that's not the same as taking the whole guilt and responsibility on myself.

Questioning yourself can only improve how you perform. Running away in tears because someone has accused you of something you know was not your fault won't. Blame cultures can make you stronger, but don't add fuel to their fire.

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