The benefits of honesty

This may look like nothing in particular to you, but to me, it's two meals I've anticipated for six months.

The 'shed', as the street food business on Great Suffolk Street, SE1 is affectionately known, feeds workers and residents with burgers, falafel and Thai stir fries. Now, don't underestimate the delights of this stir fry. It has rice, veg and eggs and a few sauces and spices. All fresh ingredients, freshly cooked to order in front of you.

People pay well for this, but it's just a fiver in the shed. And that's two meals for me - lunch while surrounded by the aromas of the shed, followed by supper three hours later. Great value and SUCH good food.

Are you convinced yet? I can't be more precise on where you'd find the shed, in case too many people discover it and the long queues get longer. Suffice it to say, it's a few yards from a fancy restaurant owned by a top TV chef. I've never been to his place, but love the long tables and concrete floors of the arches.

And the food, obviously.

And the benefits of honesty? I told the chef how far I'd travelled and long I'd waited and he gave me a free bottle of water. See? Great food, nice people.