Creating obsolescence

This weekend's International Women's Day reminded me of Princess Anne. Only because I heard her talk once at a Conference run by the charity Save the Children. She said she wanted nothing less than the day when that charity was no longer needed.

I feel the same about a day dedicated to remembering half the worlds population. It's a ridiculous concept that we need it, just as we shouldn't need a charity that takes care of the world's children. Women shouldn't be treated as second class and children should certainly never be put in harm's way or caused to live without their basic needs.

With a little consideration for others, the world could be a significantly better place. If we were all dedicated to helping others and worked towards equality for everyone, we'd also be more economically stable and sustainable as a planet.

It's not rocket science. It just seems so difficult while men demean women and adults cause suffering in children. We should all do a little better to treat those around us with respect and maybe the ripples would spread. Who knows? Maybe one day we won't have to think about feminism or giving money to charity.

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