Local radio interview about suspended coffees - before breakfast

I was interviewed by Iain Lee on BBC Three Counties radio this morning about suspended coffees. A friend and I are trying to get it introduced in Hitchin.

If you've never heard of suspended coffees, it's all about kindness to strangers. You buy a coffee (or tea, in my case) from a cafe and then also pay for a second cup for someone else. At some point thereafter, someone coming in to the cafe will be given a drink for free. The logistics are the biggest issue for cafes and there are lots of different ways of doing it. It's been done for years in Italy and started in 2013 in Cork. No reason why it shouldn't spread into the UK. Surely we're kind people?

Find out more on their Facebook page.

This morning's interview was quite painless - it would be great to get suspended coffees going in Hitchin and I'm happy to talk about it to anyone who has an interest. We just need a couple of cafes to get on board with it and I know people across the town will support it.


Jane Bishop said…
Brilliant idea. Hope it takes off all over the UK
Thanks, Jane. We're trying.