Learning and sharing - what life is all about

I've come to the conclusion that learning and sharing really is at the heart of life. A bit deep for a Wednesday morning? Possibly.

Nevertheless, as soon as you stop learning new stuff, there really isn't much point. If you're not sharing with others, you might as well be a hermit and live in a cave.

Learning doesn't always mean silent listening and we all learn (and teach) in different ways, in different environments. But as soon as you find yourself saying "I always ...", it's worth taking a look and seeing if there's a new way of doing something.

As for sharing, I am fortunate in having truly amazing children, who yesterday surprised me with an early birthday meal at the Shard. Their treat. It wasn't the fact that they were prepared to shell out their hard-earned cash, but that they knew I'd enjoy the food and the experience. It was definitely a shared experience.

So, today I'll be sharing some of the books I've learned from (see what I did there?)