How will you know you've hit the goal if you've no idea where it is?

Have you hit your goals for 2014?

Did you even HAVE any goals for 2014?

If you don't know what your 2014 goals were, now's your chance to backtrack and instead decide where you scored the most this year. At least that way, you'll be able to set new goals for 2015.

So, what have YOU done this year to make you feel proud? Have you built your client base, or increased the spend of your average client? Can you identify your most valuable clients? What are you doing to make sure they stay with you?

Having Christmas Day on a Thursday means, for most of us, three work days when a lot of people are getting ready for a few days off. Maybe there's some time to look back on 2014 and celebrate your successes. It's not yet time to set your goals, until you've really identified what went well and - more importantly - what lessons you've learned from 2014.

I love spreadsheets, so I'll be looking at who's paid what and how long each job took me. It's not yet my year-end so I have three months to see what I need to do to make this tax year a great one.

If you don't have the figures to help you identify your strengths of 2014, what are you doing to make sure you do in 12 months' time?

Find your goals and you're more likely to hit them.