Communicating at Christmas

Give thanks – now is a great time to recognise and thank the people who’ve helped you get where you are at the end of 2014. A card or chocolates go a long way.

Tidy, tidy, tidy – stuff in your office you haven’t used this year? Unless you have a specific plan for it in 2015, find it a new home. Schools and charities are often grateful for unused office equipment and stationery and Freecycle will help you get rid of unnecessary furniture.

Look back – what have you done to be proud of in 2014? Pat yourself on the back but then consider whether you made the most of it at the time. Did you tweet, blog and issue a press release? Why not? If it’s not old news, tell everyone about it now.

Plan for a perfect 2015 – come up with a goal. Come up with three goals. Take steps to achieve them and start right now.

Take a break – decide when your office will close and set up an out of office reply for your emails and disable them on your phone. Relax.