What matters to you?

I've walked out of two events recently. Both were a waste of my time and although my instinct was to stay and endure the boredom, I knew that I should go. So I did.

Events and incidents in the last two years have reinforced the sense that I should focus on things that matter. They may be things that matter to me, to you, or to someone else: but they definitely matter to someone.

I hate the song, but it's occasionally an ear worm - 'What have you done today, to make you feel proud?' It's a good mantra. If in a 24 hour period there is nothing I've done of which I'm proud, it's time to do something.

Then there's the year of my business - can I look back and say I'm in a better than I was twelve months ago?

Which then leads to dreams - what might the future hold if I could dictate it?

24 hours - one year - a lifetime. You have to make them count.

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