Two reasons to support Hitchin Town FC on Top Field

It's not easy for me. I'll be accused of Nimbyism because Top Field is very nearly in my back yard. I also know some people on the 'other' side. They won't be happy that I'm absolutely supporting the position that Hitchin Town Football Club should retain its location on the very edge of the town centre.

For me, there are just two reasons why it should stay.

The first is the growing rate of obesity in the UK. We are fortunate in having Hitchin's football, hockey, cricket and rugby grounds within ball-striking distance of the town centre. County cricket has been played up at Blueharts on Lucas Lane and the England Deaf Rugby team have been using the King George's club for training. Amateur sport is in our veins in this town and taking one of these prominent sites out of town makes no sense at all.

And start asking the many, many people who've enjoyed parties and social events at Top Field if they'd prefer it to be a supermarket.

The other reason is actually six reasons in one - Waitrose, Sainsbury's and Asda have big stores in the town and Tesco, Morrisons and M&S Food have smaller ones. Surely that's enough? If you want a giant store, there are four just a short car ride away. So maybe that's ten reasons in one.

Hitchin is a beautiful market town, not a supermarket town. We have enough developers' disasters to deal with. Let's not add another one.

I will be at Top Field on 8 October, supporting the club. And I may lose some friends over it.

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