Regrets. I've had a few

Definitely too few to mention, but one of them is that I wish I'd not listened to my parents. Only on one issue - they wanted me to get a degree and I wanted to go to music college. In 1981, getting a degree was a big deal and becoming a professional sax player was not an option. I'd achieved Grade 8 with distinction on clarinet and played baritone sax in the National Youth Jazz Orchestra. All I wanted was to go to one of the music colleges in London and learn how to do it better.

Getting an English and Music BA Hons definitely helped me in some ways, but I'd probably still be a writer without it and might be a better sax player.

However, having a regret doesn't really make any sense. I can't do anything about it. I won't have any more regrets, though. I'll listen to my self when it tells me to do (or not do) something.