Good customer service - it's not rocket science

I experienced the extremes of customer service in restaurants this week and it made me realise that it's the little things that mean so much.

On Monday evening, my cousin treated me to dinner at one of the best restaurants in Hitchin. The food was delicious and service friendly. Then I discovered a white plastic tube about 1.5cm long in my risotto. Not dangerous but not what you expect to find in your mouth.

The waiter, when alerted to it, was apologetic.

That was it. He came back to discuss desserts shortly thereafter. Great opportunity to mention the curious incident of the plastic in my food. Nothing. I at least expected the offer of free desserts. Nothing.

Today, a group of ten of us visited a wine bar around the corner from the offices I visit a couple of times a week. We ordered drinks and then good, aware that a big order would take some time.

However, after more than half an hour, nothing had arrived. I just popped over to the owner, who we know a bit, and mentioned our wait. Not a complaint, but an observation. He said he'd look into it. On his return to our table he apologised for the wait, explained he had a relief chef in to cover holiday and then said he'd be writing the whole food total off our bill.

Guess which restaurant I'll be going back to and which one is definitely off my list now?

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