Changing with Natasha Watts

Every once in a while you find an album that puts a spring in your step, without making you think too much.

I've come quite late to Natasha Watts, I suspect. I'd heard some of the tracks from her album 'Natasha Watts' on JazzFM and decided to check out more of the same. The album is too good to possibly be called pop, although there's something missing for it to be classed as soul. Without doubt, Watts' voice is full of soul, but I wanted to hear more 'real' instruments alongside (or beneath) the great vocals and backing vocals.

The trouble with downloading rather than buying a physical CD is the lack of notes, so there were times it sounds like a real horn section, like on 'Skywards'. Other tracks sounds electronic, although there's always a great groove going on.

Of course, you have to love 'Leave'. It's the track I've heard the most and I do want to know who played that sax.

If I had a real criticism of the album, it's the repetitive nature of the arrangements. Start a song by establishing the groove by all means, but not every time. That may be why my favourite track is definitely 'Change', which does at leave feature lyrics from the start.

Actually, what I want is to hear her singing with a big-budget big band in the Royal Albert Hall. THAT's a gig I'd pay for.

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