100 Happy Days

Today marks the end of my 100 Happy Days challenge. It coincides with World Book Night 2014, which is why 18 copies of Gorky Park feature in this photo.

In case you're interested, the other items all mean a lot and go back many, many years. There's a CD of My Favourite Things, my favourite album by my favourite sax player (John Coltrane). Then there's a pair of 1980s Ray Bans. The kids call them vintage.

There's a brand new Fisher Space Pen which is a copy of one given to me in 1985 by a guy who was special at the time. I love the pen.

I knew I'd begun to have some disposable income of my own when I could afford a Moleskine diary and a notebook. Couldn't be without them, no matter how much I enjoy using modern technology.

The mug was my birthday present this year from Florence and Freddie, with pictures of them, us, dog and cat. If it's not full of green tea at any point, it soon will be.

Completing the 100 Happy Days challenge was an interesting exercise. Simply looking around me for things to make me smile made me happier. It was not always easy, but hopefully it's brought me a new habit.