Give them what they want

I've been asked to play in a band and I'm torn. The bass player wants to give the punters what he thinks they want. I disagree. Am I right? Maybe I should take my own advice:

The customer is always right It’s a cliché, but probably only because it’s true. Argue with a customer if you wish, but you’ll lose the battle, if not the business. Go ahead.

Keep it simple
If the customer has to pick up the phone to call you, they probably won’t. make an appointment to speak and then make sure it’s you doing the work. And make sure you’re clear on what your objective is, even if they have a different agenda.

Go online – clearly
Great website? But does it say what you want it to say? If not, find a good copywriter (ahem!) and have them edit it until it’s right. And make sure your LinkedIn profile and twitter bio are up to date and relevant. Do you blog? Why not? Find a ghost blogger (again, ahem!) to make it easier for you.

Give and react to feedback
If you moan that you don’t get feedback from customers, ask yourself when you last gave feedback to one of your suppliers. It works both ways. And make sure you always respond to tweets or online reviews.