Happy posts

A few days into January I began '#100happydays' on twitter. The idea is to post photos of something that makes you happy every day. Someone I mentioned this to concluded that such a project might bring happy things a person's way. Certainly, the act of looking out for things that make me smile has helped me find them.

I'm generally a 'glass half-full' kind of person, but the last few months have been kind of tough and it's not always been easy.

Now I'm looking out for something that makes me smile. It tends not to be things, but I can't keep posting pictures of sunrises and sunsets. Perhaps the spirit of the thing is to find something new each day. I also want to avoid taking pictures of people, in respect of their privacy.

Also, a lot of the things that make me smile are unphotographable. Loving the album by Gregory Porter, for instance, and I can't keep posting the album cover.

In any case, I'm not yet even to 20 days, so let's see if it's sustainable.

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