Fireworks - love 'em or hate 'em?

One family's mini firework display last night caused me five hours of distress and resulted in my dog being petrified and badly damaging her paws.

Out walking Looby Loo at 8:30pm in our local park, sudden fireworks just a few metres away sent her running off at break-neck speed. I followed at a distance and searched the streets for her as rain set in and it began getting cold.

After about an hour, it became clear I couldn't find her, despite the help of several locals and friends, as well as informing a passing police patrol.

I turned to twitter and within minutes had been retweeted many times (it ended up being nearly 500 times). Although she wasn't spotted by anyone on twitter that get, a Facebook posting eventually got a sighting, as she finally found her way home just before 2am.

An antibiotic jab, plus a plug-in to calm her down should help but Looby's poor saw paws are making even walking around the house difficult.

We certainly won't be out for walks for several days and each evening will be difficult while fireworks are in the air.

I've never been a fan of fireworks randomly let off in back gardens and am definitely not one now.

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Location:Old Park Road,Hitchin,United Kingdom