Mindfuless with Ruby Wax

A very interesting evening yesterday with Ruby Wax. As part of Baldock's first Fireside Festival, Ms Wax gave the keynote talk.

I was fortunate to go with a good friend who has understood the traumas my life has gone through in the last 11 1/2 months. As we drove to Baldock, I told her how I'd dealt with a flashback while driving last week. I'd basically practised mindfulness without realising it. My mind had taken me back to the moment of my car crash on 7 November last year. What I had done was simply observe that I was having a flashback and choose to continue driving as normal.

What Ruby Wax was explaining to me was the benefit in living now and not living in the past. It's very similar to the book I was recommended to read by the inspirational Mr Mickey De Hara just before I went into hospital in the summer. 'The Power of Now' is a similar approach and reading it while recovering from my operation was definitely thought-provoking.

Living now. The moment I have right now is the only of which I can be certain. It's all about making the most of it.

In just an hour, Ruby Wax gave an insight into the psychology studies she's done. She was intelligent and witty and gave an entertaining talk that seemed to resonate with many in the audience.