Interesting information and a useful experience

On Saturday morning, I turned up to help out on a community awareness stand in my role as Community First Responder.

And this is what I was supposed to stand in front of for a couple of hours:

It was scary at first, to be confronted by a car about to be cut open by a team of firefighters. It took me right back to 7 November, when I had to be cut out of my own car. Something about seeing it happen to another car was a useful experience in helping me get over it.

I also had a chat with one of the guys involved who, it turns out, was the lead man on my incident. He shed light on the barrel which I had to avoid, telling me that they had found more dumped on the same bit of the A505 a few weeks later and they realised they were not builders' kit after all, but from pop-up car cleaners. Turns out they dump the barrels when they're finished with them. So I won't be using any pop-up car washes any time soon.

All in all, a very interesting time on Saturday that's helping me get my head around the accident.