In the last couple of months I have been getting gradually more ill, but am really trying to rise above it. A couple of days in hospital and a week in the sun gave temporary respite, but I need to get it sorted.

Anyway, moving on ...

I have been fortunate enough to interview many inspirational people in my career and the latest four women have inspired me to establish my goals and pursue them.

The first was Jennifer Blake, founder and CEO of 'Safe n Sound', working with young people whose disadvantaged backgrounds have more or less forced them into criminal behaviour. Just one woman, with a small team and a tiny shop in Peckham, turning around the lives of young people who have often been failed by the education system and society in general.

Paul Harriott's life story has taken her through drug abuse and prison to becoming an advocate for women in the justice system. She is part of an organisation that helps women find their voice and turn their lives around. Self-esteem doesn't come as a gift to all of us and Paula seems like a great role-model for those struggling to see themselves as having any value at all.

Yesterday, I interviewed Angela K Robinson, a poet and novelist in her spare time. Apart from interviewing her for a short article, I spent an engaging couple of hours that left me inspired to crack on with my currently half-finished novel. She has lived in difficult situations and found a way of releasing her creativity through words,

Finally, I have just heard a speech by Kanya King, CEO of Mobo and then chatted with her briefly. I loved the fact that she was thrown out of Goldsmiths while studying for a degree and has since been awarded a Fellowship of the same university for her inspiring work. She didn't believe the letter informing her when she was nominated for an MBE by Tony Blair. Mobo is the brand it is - giving a platform for creativity to many who otherwise wouldn't have been heard - thanks to her perseverance.

This feels like a momentous week, despite my physical ailments.

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