Zombie Prom - 'B' movie kitsch on stage

Big Spirit youth theatre once more pulled it out of the bag with an excellent production of Zombie Prom. As a movie, it definitely has a cult following. Last night, the Big Spirit actors were well-directed and choreographed and seem to get all the jokes.

Created by John Dempsey and Dana P Rowe (nominated for an Olivier award for The Witches of Eastwick), Zombie Prom is totally unbelievable with good songs, actually, some great songs. There seems a plethora of strong singers in Hitchin at the moment and they were given a real opportunity to shine. I should declare an interest - I was at school with the lead girl's dad, but Maisie Brooker is better than the apple of her father's eye and the partnership with lead boy Brendan Lucia produced some really good duets.

However, the show was undoubtedly stolen by the High School Principal Miss Strict, played with aplomb and humour by Lejaun Shepperd. His ginger wig slipped remorselessly all night but he turned its restitution into a running gag. It takes a real man to play a strong woman and Lejaun's high notes were something to be heard.