Yes, music is 'The Vehicle'.

The trouble with buying CDs online is that you can't be geeky about checking out who's been in the band. I'm desperate to know who played sax on Marcella Detroit's new album and specifically the title track The Vehicle. A great, melodious sound that sits perfectly behind and occasionally on top of Miss D's simply awesome vocals. The benefit of online is that it's easier to replay single tracks that move you.

The track sums up the beauty of the album. Guess that's why it's the title track. The Vehicle is just out in advance of a new tour starting on Sunday at The Stables in Wavendon. I'll be there and I really hope she's got that sax player with her. The more I listen to the track, the more I pick up - the sax picks up Marcella's notes and runs with them, mirroring her vocals and backing vocals. It's just a gorgeous melding of jazz sax, a soulful track and an amazing voice.

Marcella Detroit's voice has graced songs (some of them penned by her) for just about everyone in my CD collection, notably Franklin, Clapton and Jarreau. It was her soprano on Shakespears Sister's Stay that stayed at number one in the UK for two months in 1992. As soon as you play The Vehicle, you hear that voice again. Straight away. The final track on The Vehicle is a re-working of Stay and this time it's more of a jazz ballad than a pop song, and probably never inspiring a video of a woman fighting the angel of death for the life of her man. More of a plea for the lover to stop throwing belongings into a suitcase.

I can't wait for the gig on Sunday: probably a mix of pop and soul, although I am reserving judgement until I see the full band. The Stables has always been one of my favourite venues, both on stage and in the audience, and it can work with a small acoustic band or the full works. My guess is the musicians she'll use will have a strong track record and she will give them space to bring out their best. There are some great tracks on The Vehicle and there's a good night heading up the road to Wavendon.