Whispering: best day since my birthday

A series of rubbish days, weeks and months enjoyed a brief ray of sunshine on 15 January and not her today.

Networking over lunch with some interesting people was followed by a gorgeous walk in the sunshine and 20 minutes of acupuncture. A brief train ride home and several cups of tea with a lovely friend before venturing to the gym for the first time in too long.

Just 15 minutes on a bike, or an amazing 15 minutes on a bike, depending on perspective. Six months ago, that would have been pathetic. Today, it felt like a massive achievement. For which I awarded myself 20 minutes in the jacuzzi, with my withered left arm floating amid gently-pummelling bubbles.

Then two hours working on an exciting new project with a good friend, making plans for an interesting year.

Surprisingly, I'm now exhausted. A well-earned sleep beckons. Who knows why my spirits are lifted. Sunshine? Acupuncture? New friends? Old friends? A combination? Whatever it is, long, long may it continue.

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