Mazuma Mobile - I should have listened to you

It was recently my pleasure to interview Charlo Carabott, one of the creators of Mazuma Mobile for an article about the relationship between them and Royal Mail. He was a genuinely nice man and seemed to know his business.

We discussed various elements of the business and I mentioned that I was about to change from BlackBerry to iPhone and would be getting rid of my old handset. He claimed that Mazuma was the most reliable supplier (well, he would, wouldn't he?) but I was a little skeptical.

So, I did some shopping around and finally went to a competitor, as they offered me more than Mazuma for my handset. Actually, this is exactly what Charlo said they or their competitors would do.

Of course, within days of receiving my phone, they reduced the offer by nearly 2/3. Which is also what Charlo said would probably happen. I could pay to receive my handset back or just settle for less and take the easy option.

They obviously don't know me. I paid for return of my handset and am about to embark on the process again and this time, guess who I'm sending my handset to? Mazuma, of course. I've opted for the self-printing and packaging version, so it's all ready to go on the same day. We'll see whether they stand by their offer of £58.30 (more than twice what the other guys were offering).

Should have listened to Charlo in the first place. Oh, and if you want to read all about it, the article is on