Looking back and forward - since January

Weirdly, tonight's awesome gig by my old friend Steve White and a fabulous group of musicians who blew the audience away in Islington, caused me to look back 30 years and look into the future.

January is always all about that strange balance between the old and New Years and I didn't properly embrace it this year. I was struggling following November's car crash and immediately cast a shadow over this year by fracturing my shoulder on my 50th birthday. Enough of all that.

What January this year lacked, tonight has given me in spades. I watched a man play drums with the utmost skill when I last saw him play nearly 30 years ago when he was still a teenager. When we last played together, we were recording TV and radio appearances to support the fairly controversial launch of The Style Council's first album, Cafe Bleu. After tonight's gig I once more can't lose the horn lines that embedded themselves in my ear, my fingers and my soul in 1983 and 1984.

But this wasn't mawkish reminiscence. I don't wish I could turn back time. It was the best of times, but it's past. All I wanted to was get back on stage and blast my sax again.

I will get back on stage. Three different musical opportunities are open to me at the moment so that as soon as I can play again, I will be up there.

Steve and his band were truly amazing tonight. They played a moisture of originals, covers and songs harking back to The Style Council and Paul Weller. Some great tunes played brilliantly. Definitely left us all wanting more. And looking to the future.

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