An inspirational young man living under the toughest circumstances

I usually interview people because of the job they do. Today was different. I'd already interviewed Jennifer about her work with disadvantaged young people in Peckham and today I went to interview one of her clients. A young man with bucket-loads of ambition but few opportunities.

Bleeding-heart liberal I may be, but it hardly seems fair that because of where he was born and brought up - let alone the colour of his skin - King hasn't been given introductions to jobs that might be useful to him. He hasn't been helped at all, as far as I can see. A very bright young man, his stint in prison only helped him by strengthening his determination to never - ever - go back.

We ended up with some great photographs and quotes and the whole experience reassured me that the probation service can work. It can point people in the right direction and rehabilitate them. If King is just given the right people to talk to, he might make a success of his life. Anyone want to train him as a dog handler?