Acupuncture - will it help me get active again?

Yesterday saw my first session of acupuncture as pain relief for what my physiotherapist now thinks is a frozen shoulder.

I felt very relaxed after that session but, sadly, didn't sleep any better than before. I was hoping it might do the trick. Mind you, I didn't feel any negative effects, so I am definitely willing to give it another go next week.

I also read up on frozen shoulders today. Basically, it would appear that there is no treatment for it, beyond relieving the pain it causes. A bit annoying, as I was hoping that there was something I could do that might speed up my recovery.

The pain is now so tedious that it feels as if I have never been pain-free. I can't imagine what it's like to lift my arm above my shoulder or even touch the top of my head. I would like to be able to put my hands in my pockets without wincing with e pain and I would LOVE to go for more than four hours without popping a pill or two.

The most depressing element of all of this is that I know I can't realistically agree to play any gigs until I am moving my arm again. Although playing sax is possible, it is incredibly painful and the only answer is to just admit defeat for the time being. Breaks my heart, when I was beginning to get some nice gigs in.

So, I will keep going on with the acupuncture and hope to at least relieve the pain. If I could just sleep for more than three hours at a time, I know I could cope better during the day. Meanwhile, I am endeavouring to resist the temptation to tell people how I am ACTUALLY feeling when they ask - from now on, 'Fine' will have to do. Even though I'm not.

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Megan Smyth said…
As a student dietitian I get a lot of people coming to me in search of the next "miracle food" that will miraculously cure all their ailments! And my studies have made me very skeptical about EVERYTHING. Saying this - you can never underestimate the power of a placebo! If you think something will help you... it probably will!!

If you are interested in the truth behind all these alternative therapies you may enjoy this:

You don't have to be a scientist to read it and it very sarcastic and satirical! It is a humorous read but also helps you to make your own judgement on all the misleading health claims of this day and age!

From memory he had rather strong views on acupuncture lol!