Things I am looking forward to doing when my arm is fixed

The list is long. It really is amazing how debilitating a fractured shoulder is. So, here are a few of the things I have been unable to do since turning 50 on 15 January:

1. Play sax.
2. Drive.
3. Cook anything more than the basics.
4. Wear a bra.
5. Tidy up and carry stuff around the house.
6. Have a hug from a friend.
7. Hold my head high without stooping shoulders.
8. Sleep on my left hand side.
9. Sleep for more than three hours at a time.
10. Make and carry mugs of tea for friends.
11. Read a book with ease.
12. Change the sheets (on my own - I've had help).
13. Moisturise and put make-up on properly.
14. Type quickly.
15. Cut up my own food (see number 12).

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