Definitely in my Top 10 gigs of all time - Wilko Johnson at Koko

I have been trying to work out why this gig was so outstanding.

It was a strange one for me. An hour before it started, I had a call t say that a favourite uncle had died that day. The friend I went to the gig with is undergoing treatment for cancer. Wilko Johnson has announced that he has cancer and won't be undergoing treatment.

But none of those things explains why the gig was so memorable. From the moment the trio walked on stage, there was an energy that had been missing from the support act, who were probably half their age - or maybe even younger.

That energy was partly caused by exceptionally talent both on stage and in the production crew. The sound filled the room and yet you could pick out every note and every line perfectly clearly.

I knew not one of the songs - wrong era, maybe, or just not a fan - but each one felt right. They were heartfelt.

It was a joy to see Alison Moyet join them on stage for two numbers. Apart from looking amazing, she still sounded gorgeous - a little like floating in chocolate. Well, I imagine that is what it would be like. It was a tribute to WJ and although we had to leave before the final encore had played, we got the sense of a man who simply did not want to leave the stage. Metaphorical? Perhaps.

The day reminded me of the facts of life - we are all going some day and maybe we just never know when that will be. But this wasn't, for me, s sad gig or one about a man suffering from cancer. It was simply a gig. A great gig. One I will remember for all the right, musical reasons.