Arriving at Victoria Station brings back memories

It's coming up for thirty years since I arrived at Victoria Station by coach at the end of a European tour with The Style Council.

I find myself back here - not for the first time - but events of the last four months have made me both nostalgic and emotional. I'm not yearning for those past days, but remembering them fondly. My life has been extraordinary and two crises that are actually relatively minor, if temporarily debilitating and annoying, do not negate some amazing events.

The conversation as the coach drew up to Victoria Station in October 1983 went something along the lines of "are you busy next week?" (Paul Weller) "not really, just uni" (me) "okay, see you at 11am on Monday". I think it was a Monday. Irrelevant, but led to me going into the recording studio and being part of 'Cafe Bleu', one of my favourite albums.

Maybe it's the fact that it's 1 March and I'm desperate - really desperate - to recover from the car crash and shattered shoulder. Whatever it is, I am looking back while also planning for more in the future.

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Location:Buckingham Palace Road,London,United Kingdom